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As you will have noticed, our work is very diverse and we face many challenges. This time it was footbridges for the Dolphin Hotel in Senec.

Our task was to design a structure that is partially self-supporting. The problem was that the footbridges were supposed to serve to connect existing buildings that were not originally designed for such high loads. Last but not least, we also had to pay attention to the aesthetic requirements of the design.

We managed to solve the problem by using rectifying ropes, which lighten the footbridge and thus reduce the magnitude of the load acting on the structures of the existing buildings. However, the footbridges are attached to buildings at both ends.

The resulting design is a trussed steel structure supported by piers projecting above the horizontal part of the footbridge. The stability and compactness of the structure is completed by the aforementioned rectifying ropes.

As you can see, a properly functioning design doesn’t always have to be mundane. Don’t be afraid to experiment and materialise even your most daring ideas. After all, this is how the most magnificent buildings are born, and this is what makes our field beautiful. Feel free to contact us with your ideas and let’s work together to create something impressive again.

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